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At the end of the day and into the night, that's when the darkness gives me light

Whee! Done with my History paper. And it only took 4 hours!!

I'm actually pretty happy with it. Hopefully Huff will be too.

I am now tired, and think I shall go to bed in my loverly blue monkey pajamas (I'm now wearing the tank top to match. A really BIG dark blue *sparkly* monkey on sky blue tank. So cute.)

Hmm...what else? I might get to sleep a little late tomorrow. Good news: More sleep. Bad news: Might not get Calculus homework done before school. Oh well. Not like it's the first time.

I really want to find more fun ringtones for my phone. Especially The Muppet Show theme and the Smurfs theme. I've found them at site you have to pay for, and they sound awesome, but I'm cheep. I want free stuff. I also really want to find "Fame". I don't think it exists, but I want it anyway.

Yes. Bed. Goodnight moon.

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