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She says days go by I don't know why, I'm walking on a wire. I close my eyes and fly out of my mind

This song does not get enough credit. It's really good.

Light the sky and hold on tight, the world is burning down. She's out there on her own, and she's alright.
Sunny came home.

Body paragraph one of my paper. It'll make a believer out of you...

One of the most obvious parallels is the Cowardly Lion. With his thunderous roar, the characters are easily frightened, and he even sends the Scarecrow tumbling to the side of the road. However, he could not make a dent on the metal of the Tin Woodman. The Lion fails to fool the others of his fa�ade, as Dorothy says "You are nothing but a big coward" (Baum 81). The Lion also proclaims himself to be King of Beasts and quite fierce. His real life connection comes in the form of famous Populist speaker William Jennings Bryan. Bryan was first made famous by his "Cross of Gold" speech, and was continually known for touring the country to speak to audiences everywhere. His passion and enthusiasm lead thousands to listen to him, and he held records for the number of times he would lecture in a day. This is similar to the Lion, as the Lion was able to roar loudly, and captivated those in his presence. He sent the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman tumbling backward with the power behind it, much the same way as Bryan was able to reach out to the farmers and laborers with his persuasive political speeches. When time came for the election, however, Bryan was unable to swing the votes of laborers due to threats they received from their employers. Thus, the Lion could not dent the Tin Woodman's armor. Just as the Lion fails to be ferocious, Bryan failed also. According to the packet of articles on the Campaign of 1896, Bryan failed to be a successful lawyer and moved on to Congress. Though he also failed to be elected as a Senator in 1894, he started with his speech tours, and wound up being nominated for President. Similarly, the Lion is given the title of "King" despite his failures.

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