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She never mentions the word 'addiction' in certain company, she'll tell you she's an orphan

after you've met her family.

"She Talks to Angels" - Black Crowes. Awesome song.

Bleh. Today I have to write two essays. I decided to put off the French one for Spring Break, but I'll have to go talk to Madame about scheduling a different appointment to edit it. It was supposed to be Thursday, but there's no way in hell I can write it during the week.

So, mega History essay to write comparing The Wizard of Oz with the election of 1896. Then a smaller reactive essay in response to a piece of literary criticism of The Great Gatsby. Big bleh.

But I have vanilla Frappuccinos, and at 3pm I have to go to school because we are singing at the First Presbyterian Church here in Deerfield, along with Lake Forest and Stevenson. It should be cool. Hopefully. And it will be over by 5.

Sometime in there, I'd like to get a pretty phone cover and buy the freaking Alanis Morisette CD that I've been wanting FOREVER and haven't gotten my lazy ass out to get it. Silly me.

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