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I'm not sure how to title this. I was going to leave it blank, but then I started to type. Damn.

I may have mentioned in passing have to call people and organize a meeting for Tuesday night. Here's the deal: Eric, our stage crew supervisor and friend, asked me (me personally, made me feel really responsible and important) to put together a meeting of the entire crew (about 50 people) at a restaurant. So, wow, I felt honored and asked to take on some assistants (since I hate calling people, my phone-a-phobia thing). Nikki and I decided on the place, I made reservations, and Nikki, JC and I have been calling and e-mailing people since Friday to put this thing together.

So now I feel really bad, because I told the place we would need a party room for 30 to 40 people (I expected some not to come), and now the list is at about 15. I think I can get 25, which is still a big group, but I feel stupid because I was responsible for putting this all together, and less than half the people on the original list can come. Not that I mind smaller groups, I actually prefer them. I have a some-what large personality and it's easier to take in small groups where it doesn't feel like I'm shutting out anyone. Maybe it's all in my head, but it makes me feel better.

Anyway, I feel really bad about the whole meeting thing, and I hope it works out better than I'm thinking it will. I hope people bring enough money, because I can tell you for damn sure that I'm not picking up a several hundred dollar restaurant bill. And, I'm hoping they won't charge too much extra for the room and tip. Irritating. :o(

All my e-mails lately have been from Nikki about this stupid meeting. Nothing fun. No Live Journal comments. I guess I haven't been quarky enough. I'm been off lately. As evidence, check my moods in recent entries. Blah, blank, nothing overly good. They used to be cheerful, happy and chipper. I'm in a rut and wish I knew how to get out. I don't feel overly depressed, and I still laugh and have fun when I'm out with my friends (like tonight). I just wish I felt better other times. Maybe the stress that I proclaimed myself to have is contributing or causing this. First the bridal shower (when aren't huge family functions stressful?) and now the planning of this meeting, so impromptu-like. Bah.

Caitlin was called into work today, which is why she couldn't hang out with me. She said she's free Wednesday and Thursday, so she'll probably come one or both of those days. Went to Old Orchard today with Fayanne. Neither Hawthorn or Northbrook Court, with better stores than both. However, it's outdoor (and it was HOT today, like all the rest. The "excessive heat warnings" are in effect again. No outside playing for child) and the sales tax is over 8%. What a rip. Blah.

Nothing more to say really. Sorry for being so boring, but I need sleep now. Sleep can make me feel better, right? My jaw still hurts. Wonder what's really wrong. Oh well, I can deal with it. It isn't overly painful.

:::My Music Selection of the Evening:::
*Spotlight - Dexter Freebish
*You Were Mine - Dixie Chicks
*Enough of Me - Melissa Etheridge
*Dream On - Depeche Mode
*You Don't See Me - Josie and the Pussycats (from good, makes me cry)
*Loss & Strain & Butterflies - Tabitha's Secret (Matchbox 20)
*You & I & I - Matchbox 20

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