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If you are not happy as yourself, perhaps as someone else, perhaps as me you'll be worth noticing

Hmmm. Today. Boring, but fun...all at the same time.

Went to crew. Then to lunch. Then I tried to use my cell phone, and it wouldn't work. So I went to Ci's. As it turns out, she and I got new phones. Nice ones. Nokia 5165. Downloadable ringtones. I'm going nuts. It's fun.

I've had Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal" in my head ALL DAY. Just ask Cici...I keep humming it. I'm not a big fan of the song, but it's a kick ass cell phone ring.

The theme to Beverly Hills 90210 is also really impressive. And Inspector Gadget, and Flintstones. And no phone is complete without the Super Mario Bros theme. These will all change within the next week. I can almost guarantee it.

Cici, Zoe and I went to dinner, then back to their place. Ci and I watched The Faculty, which I liked, though it was a little gorey at parts, and Galaxy Quest, which is just plain funny and helped to calm nerves after The Faculty.

Now I'm home. And tired. Goodnight moon.

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