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Until then I count the cracks on the walls until it's time to lay my head

I had a really good day. First, I got to sleep in. Then, I didn't get in trouble for not doing my history homework. Third, I can't remember anything bad, so it must have all been good...right?

My poor Zach was upset today, because he became the topic of a rumor. Less rumor, more a girl (evil girl) telling other people that he was gay and had a crush on this other guy. He doesn't mind people knowing, and if you asked, he wouldn't deny it, but he just didn't want to come out so publicly yet. I guess only time will tell on this one.

Crew was...better. Actually, the first part was worse than yesterday, but not as bad as Tuesday. Near the end, it got really good though. So yay. After, Eric, Goldy, Charlie, Bridgette and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It's so good. All you people in the non-Chicagoland area are missing out. And now I have leftovers. Yay for chicken piccata, or whatever it is.

After, it was about 10:30. We took a looooong time to eat. So we decide to go to Lewis' house, but it's too late for most people to go out (silly people), so it ended up being just Bridgette and me there. We watched Run, Lola, Run, a German film that was actually pretty good. A little weird, but I liked it. We left around 2:15. I'm hoping the parents don't say anything about the breaking curfew thing, especially since I left them a message earlier telling them I'd be going to dinner. Brownie points are good.

I'm now very tired. And I have 3 essays to write this weekend. And I think I'm going to be busy all day tomorrow. Hmmm...yuck. But hey, 5 school days until Spring Break. I can handle that.

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