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Last night was really weird. I actually did go to bed at 8:15. I woke up at 10, needing a drink of water and a bathroom. Then I slept until 7:15. 11 hours. Wow. I still wasn't overly awake today.

My back hurts again, as do my knees. Lots of hammering and stuff again at Crew. We should be done striking everything by tomorrow though. That means we get to start working on the light plot for Dance Show.

I'm in a boring mood tonight. I have no deep insights. No fun observations of the day. No funny stories. I'm sorry.

Semi-exciting news: I finished my first book (for school) since first semester of Freshman year!! I read every page of The Great Gatsby. It's good, I recommend it. The middle is a little eh, but the beginning and end are definitely worth it. I think it's quite an accomplishment.

And because I have nothing better to do, this is the monologue I'm performing for theatre:

(I did not write this, nor do I have it in front of me, so I may be off on a few parts) - Imagine a HEAVY New York accent.

Well, that ceremony's over...thank you, God! Now if we're smart, we'll get out on the dance floor because in 10 minutes it'll be sardine city. Believe me, I know. Any idea how many times I've been a maid of honor? Nine. That's not counting the six times I was a regular bridesmaid, plus - before my divorce came through? I was a matron of honor, twice. So, oh...can I have a hit off that number please? Thanks.

(Takes drag off an imaginary joint)

Christ, I hate these dresses. I hate peach. As a color, as a flavor, as a...concept! I mean, peach makes you look like a slut. It's a slut look. But you can't tell Sharon anything. Fr'instance, she says to me "I want a white dress". What am I gonna say? "Sharon, you've been divorced, you shouldn't wear white?" Maybe it's not my place to say, but if it was me, I wouldn't wear white to my second marriage. Don't ask me why! Don't! Don't ask me why! I just wouldn't. The second time around, you wear off-white, you wear cream, you wear bisque, you wear off-bisque. White you wear once in your life. Once. If you're lucky.

But you can't tell Sharon that. Did you see the cake? Did you see the cake out there? Did you see what kind of cake it is? Carrot. A carrot wedding cake. I mean, carrot cake is like...for a snack, at most it's a brunch food. Carrot cake is a casual cake, not for a formal wedding.

Lately, I've been concerned about Sharon, quite frankly. Do you know what she said to me, not two weeks ago? We are in Altmans. She's trying on this, trying on that, and...halfhearted, ya know? So I say to her "Sharon, let's go". She turns to me, and out of the clear blue sky she says - this is Sharon - "What d'you think would get you more depressed, losing a limb, or losing your entire family in a boating accident?" This from a woman who is getting married in two weeks, and has not even purchased a gown.

But maybe it will all work out for the best. That's what Sharon's aunt Arleen says. Do you met her aunt Arleen? A doll. An angel. A very, very ill woman.

(Music Cue)

Oh, there's the band. We had better get going. Yeah, they are going to start with Sharon and Murray's favorite song, "The Love Theme from Octopussy". Could ya die?

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