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See the pyramids along the Nile, watch the sunrise on a tropic isle

My printer is still being a little bitch (which reminds me of the Pink song "Just Like a Pill").

I forgot a funny story about today. So I'm hanging out before gym class with Steph and we see Mr. Zima, who was my teacher last semester. I asked him how class was without me, and he said (joking but with a completely serious tone) that he was on Prozac and that it was the only way he could get through it. I love funny.

I finished writing my Theatre paper. Rather a piece of crap, but oh well. I tried.

Should be doing Calculus homework. Which reminds me that I have to pay for the AP exam. $78 $#&*$#@ dollars. At least I'm not paying for it. And thank god I'm only in one AP class.

Other than that, my life continues to be boring. *le sigh*

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