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One, fuck those Girl Scout bitches. Damn them and their addictive cookies. I think they contain crack. Yes, definitely crack. But I only ate half the box, so really, that's only about 10 cookies, because the cheap whores only put 20 cookies in a box.

Two, whenever I think of Girl Scouts, I think of Troop Beverly Hills, which is by far one of the best movies ever. Not in the way that Almost Famous is the best, but I would rank it up there with Ferris and 10 Things.

Three, that first part was a complete joke, in case you couldn't tell. I'm sure the Girl Scouts are a wonderful organization...though I was never one. Nor was I a Brownie. Or an Indian Princess. I never took dance, gymnastics or played soccer. I never had piano lessons. I never had braces. I HAD NO CHILDHOOD!!! *cries dramatically*

Yes, definitely crack in those cookies. Bitch mongrels.

Okay, so enough of the "me being absolutely insane".

Tonight, I put my LA pictures in my new photo album. *sniff* I want to go back.

This spawned a downloading spree of Lion King songs (from the musical...which I saw in LA - connection). Also Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong duets, because I realized yesterday that I really like vocal jazz music. (No connection whatsoever). Yay for expanding horizons.

I've done all the homework I'm going to do. And I should probably go to bed, but I'm not really tired. Actually, I'm bouncy. It had nothing to do with the Crack Cookies or the Pepsi...I swear.

Sublime's "Wrong Way" is a great song. I like it a lot. I remember the summer that it was on MTV constantly. It was a while ago, but I remember not liking it then. Times change, I suppose.

Final note before I go do...I don't know what. I love this icon!! I should never delete it ever. (Ahahahahaha! Like that'll happen). Either way, remind me that I like it a lot.

Oh, and John Mayer is a total fad around here. Last night at the cast party we started listening to him and everyone is obsessed. I think it's a complete stereotypical suburbs thing. We are sheep.

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