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Tell me, is this real life?

So I didn't make out like a bandit, but I still didn't have to pay for anything. Woo!!

I got:
-One (very cute) leopard print skirt from Express.
-A red tee-shirt from Express.
-A beige tee-shirt with front tie things from Express.
-A pair of denim flip-flops with eyelet holes in the straps, from Express
-A blue snap sweater from Gap
-A photo album (for LA pictures) from Hallmark
-Scrapbook pages and photo pages for my album from Hallmark.

So that was good.

And we went to Olive Garden for dinner. Very good.

And I haven't started homework yet. Very bad. Eeep.

(I'm going to try and post Sims pictures soon...Justin and JC are so cute sometimes)

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