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Always end it with a bang.

I've had the most fantastic evening. Just...great.

First off, the show went well. Not as well as some nights, but it was still incredible. We sold out the auditorium. All 950+ seats were filled. And all 950+ people stood and applauded at the end. Wow.

So many tears. I cried. It's the last show ever for a lot of people. And it was a great run. And a lot of friendships were made.

Cast party. So fun. Until tonight at 6:30, a location had not been decided and many assumed there wouldn't be one at all. Then Steph offered her house and her mother frantically cleaned while the show went on, ready for company by 10.

I got there at about 10:45 and was amazed at the amount of people there. I think the entire cast may have shown up, if even for a little while. It was really very cool.

And I got to talk to Elliott and Jenny. Jen is home from Miami on Spring Break, and Elliott lives in Chicago now (though I still never see him. I have to make it a point to visit some time). They left a little after midnight. It's actually not a rare occurrence for graduates to come, and they definitely weren't the only ones there.

Then I talked to Zach. He came out to me. It was actually pretty cute, because after we started talking about who else we thought was gay, and then what guys were hot. We also talked about how stupid our theatre class is for not realizing. Literally, most of the class thinks he's straight, and it's so obvious. It was fun.

Around 2, there were only about 12 people left, and by 2:30 only 8. I was one of the last 4, and from 2:45 until 4:15, Steph, Becky, Ken and I sat around talking. It was really fun. The best time I've ever had at a cast party. (Despite the fact that I think I've had a headache since intermission. I say "think" because I've tried Tylenol and Midol and neither helped. My left eye hurts, and so does my left sinus. And it's been fairly constant. Ouch.)

So now I'm home. And pretty tired. And I have a shitload of homework to do tomorrow. Oh well...that's tomorrow.

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