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Family...the other white meat...

My dad is back from his golf vacation (...I think. He's sleeping already, so I haven't actually seen him.)

Mommy is still mommy. *sighs*

Cici, Dave, Emily, Em's husband Tom, and Dave's fiancee Katie came to see Sound of Music tonight. Yay! We went to On The Border after.

Fayanne went with Brad to Florida for Spring Break. They leave tomorrow at 2 hours from now. They couldn't come up to see the show. A little disappointed, but at least the rest of my siblings did.

Tomorrow's audience will be five more people. I think it's Mama, Dad, my Grandma, Aunt Judy and maybe my Aunt Donna? I don't really know. I don't think Mom knows either.

< rant >
A smaller depressing note: So I have to be in the show to get an audience? Stage Managing and running the ENTIRE SHOW is less important than a two-scene ensemble role??
< /rant >

But I'm in a pretty good mood, which is MUCH improved from earlier in the evening when the only thing that kept me from crying was that I would ruin my makeup. *sighs* Some days are just harder than others, you know?

I'm going to get out of these damn pantyhose. It was dress up day to promote the show, so I've been in a skirt all day. Eeep.

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