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I love the song "Don't Think Twice". Not a terribly huge fan of Bob Dylan's version though. I much prefer the covers by Vonda Shepard and Bree Sharp.

I'm in a very mellow mood.

I should have been doing homework ninth period, but instead went to the Multivariable Calculus class. Some ask why...I don't know really. It's not that I hate math, or that I don't understand it. I just don't do well, so I don't mind being in class...especially if it's not my own. Besides, I like Nick, I like JC, I like Gasper. It's interesting. Eh, maybe I'm just a loser.
[Note: When I wrote I like Nick, I like JC, I felt like I was talking about boybands. *giggles*]

Grateful Dead's "Touch of Gray" is a good song too.

I really like my teachers. And I think most of them like me too. It's a good thing. Example: I didn't do my history homework.
Me: I didn't get a chance to do the homework.
Huff: That's alright. There's a lot going on now, and with that *points at my "Sound of Music" shirt* I understand. Just show it to me tomorrow and it'll be fine.
That's so good. Especially because it was worth twice the amount of points as a regular assignment.

And the thing is, when that happens and the teacher is nice enough to give me a second chance, I respect them so much more and try harder. I will do that assignment better than I would have last night, because I feel like I owe it to him. Things to remember for when I'm a teacher...

I should get started on homework. I have to leave in about an hour, but I can get some stuff started.

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