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It's a strange sensation, I'm almost happy, well I believe I'm just plain tired

Title is a quote from the song Tired by Tabitha's Secret (Rob Thomas's band pre-Matchbox Twenty).

It's been such a long day, I can't even think where to begin. Last night was our "girls night out" sleepover at Lindsay's. We watched Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman, and The Little Mermaid. Lindsay gave me a manicure, so my nails would look nice for the wedding shower.
Information I don't want to put into real sentences: Ordered good Chinese for dinner, Caitlin dumped Lewis (finally, no more bitching and moaning!), played pool and kicked ass (go me!), must burn 46 CDs for 4 friends (raided my binder and made me a list. thank god I just got a 50 pack), woke up at 9:45 and left at 10:15 to go home.

Showered when I got home, threw on crappy clothes to go with Fayanne to pick up bakery goods. Went home and got dressed and ready while Fayanne went to the church. Finished getting ready, hooked up my new RioVolt mp3/CD player in the car. So cool. 160 songs on one CD. It's amazing. I listened to a mix of my best mp3s from my computer. Totally cool.

Got to the church at noon (I can be so punctual when I want to be. I arrived at Lindsay's at exactly 6:29. Damn impressive.). We set up for the two hours before guest began to arrive. Overall, it was pretty boring, but I was constantly busy fixing food or doing this and that, so it wasn't too bad. Lots of mingling. Hate mingling with family. I can do it with friends, but not family. *growl* Oh well, the shower went really well and its over now. It was incredibly hot and by the end (around 5) I was ready to black out every time I had to bend down to put dishes away in the cabinets. It was bad, but I kept working, cus I'm a good sister. Decided my mom doesn't like me. I'm sure she loves me, because I'm her daughter, but I don't think she likes me much. It hurts more than I though it would. Oh well, I have fabulous siblings who love me a lot.

By now, I'm extremely tired.

My jaw has hurt for the past week, I think I've been clenching my teeth again (subconsciously). My back is also constantly tense, and I can't relax it (however, it's basically always like that, since about 7th grade). It's more tense now, but I can't loosen it, so I ignore it and let it get worse. I have a headache and I think my eyes are getting worse, because my night vision seems to be dwindling. I'm guessing most (if not all) of this is due to stress. Whether it be the wedding in 3 weeks, school in 3 weeks and 3 days, my mother, money, or the feeling that summer's coming to an end, and pretty soon, a lot of my friends will be going away to college. I'm going to miss them so much. If I had the money, I'd fly a bunch of places over Thanksgiving week, or something and visit. Arizona to see Elliott, Miami to visit Jenny, Ohio for Mary, Michigan for Lindsay, Lewis in New York. Bridgette's only a 3 hour drive away. Katy too. I can't imagine school without them. I can't believe I'm an upper-classman. I can't possibly be that old. I want to be a freshman again. These are the best years of my life and they are going WAY to damn fast. I wish the summer would never end. I wish time would stop and allow me to live fully the rest of these days, and when I feel the summer has reached an end, it will. I think I'm afraid that I won't get any closure. On Saturday, Lindsay's having a party for everyone as an "end of the summer" and "going to college" see-everyone-before-you-leave kind of deal. I think it's going to be fun, but sad all at the same time.

Like I said before, I'm really tired, so I'm going to stop now. Plan on burning CDs all day tomorrow. It was definitely the $250 I paid for it last summer. I think I've already made about 60 CDs, and soon that number will be over 100. I make good investments...sometimes.

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