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Weather Report: It's fucking cold

It's about 5 degrees out. The wind chill is -11. That's right. You go outside and it feels like it is 11 degrees below zero. BRRRRR!

I hung out at Cici's for a majority of the day...or at least everything after 2. Apparently my mother and I can't be alone in a house together for more than an hour without driving each other fucking nuts.

Went to dinner at Olive Garden. Yum. My leftovers froze (literally) in my car while Ci and I watched Ever After. So good!!

I need sleep. I have to wake up at 8, because I have tech starting at 9. First dress rehearsal. We open Wednesday. WEDNESDAY. That's like...three days. Holy shit. Ready or not...

Yay for Alanis. (I'm listening to Hands Clean. *clicks repeat* Hee hee.)

I'm cold. And I'm wearing three layers. I think I need a blanket.

I'm going to get into my jammies and go to bed. Goodnight Moon.

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