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It's been a long day, always, now ain't that right...

*breathe* So I went and saw Matchbox Twenty in concert, and OMG they were absolutely incredible!!! Granted, I saw them in concert once before (after seeing them the first time, they became my favorite band ever), they did not disappoint at all. It was just so amazing. I sang loudly to every song (except one new one they performed and once cover that I didn't know), and stood the entire time. The 4 chickies I brought with me (all of which hugged me and thanked me to no end for taking them, especially Caitlin who is a huge Train fan, and Train was one of the opening acts). Anyway, they sat for part of it, but I stood there, almost entirely by myself because everyone to both sides of me were sitting, and most of the people in front of me too. They just suck though.

They played for about two hours non-stop and it was incredible because on songs like 3AM and Push and Bent, everyone knew the words and were basically screaming them back to the band. It was so cool. I can't believe how speechless I am over the whole thing. I just...can't find words for it. Amazing, incredible, phenomenal. Oh god, I think I have to take a road trip to see them again. I love all of their songs, and the guys are such incredible performers. Nothing extravagant, but you just love to watch them. It's mind-blowing. It was totally worth the three hour drive down in traffic and I just can't wait until my next concert. God, I love music.

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