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Rising...not quite shinning yet

Rehearsal didn't get pushed back. I have to be to school in a half an hour.

It snowed. A lot. But it has since stopped, and plows have cleared the streets and Mama cleared the driveway (yay for me not having to shovel!).

I have a dilemma. As it is, I'm at tech until 6:30. Eww. Afterward, Lindsay is having a gathering at her house, because she goes back to school tomorrow. But my cousin Adam is also having an 18th birthday party that Mommy wants (and expects me to go to). I feel indebted to the family side of things (since I missed Steph's birthday back in January - during finals week - and...well, I was at my Grandma's party. So there :oP)

But yes. Lindsay or Adam. Hmmm....

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