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I've spent the last hour and a half working my ass off on homework. I've done everything except Calculus. Probably in the morning.

Note: You know how when you get really tired, and your eyes start to droop, how hard it is to concentrate on words on a page? Yeah...imagine that when all the words are in French. It's about ten billion times worse.

Je te dis que ce sont des egyptiennes qui me l'ont volee, entends-tu cela? et qui l'ont mangee avec leurs dents. -- As-tu un coeur? figure-toi ce que c'est qu'un engant qui joue, un enfant qui tette, un enfant qui dort.

I'm not sure if I could figure out what this means even if I weren't so out of it. And Hugo uses way too many pronouns. To the point where I don't know what the fuck he is talking about. Stupid 18th(??) Century French writers.

Gail needs sleep.

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