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Don't tell me it's HAS got to be fucking Friday by now

Welcome to the longest fucking day in the world.

And PottyMouth!Gail has come out to play. Please welcome her, but keep the applause low, I have a lot to say. (Oh really? That's something new. Ah, shuddup)

I was really bouncy today. I was laying all over desks in French, bouncing off walls in Theatre. HA! A kid asked if Zach and I were going out. Zach's response: "No, we're just married." I don't think he could be straight if he tried. But he's a good kid.

Then tech. Tech week is when we take the cast, and the crew, and the orchestra...and *BAM* get a show. However, this means stopping and starting and changing things and making things work, and re-doing things a billion times. I usually have no problem with it. I'm usually on the crew end...doing jobs. Today? I was only in once scene. THE LAST FUCKING SCENE. I sat around and did NOTHING until 8:30. 5 HOURS OF WASTED TIME.

All was not lost. I laughed a lot with Bridgette. And talked a bit with JC and Eric. And I fell asleep...twice. Never for more than 5 minutes though. The first time I awoke to Eric poking my arm. The second to Bridgette pretending to kick the shit out of me and stepping on me.

And tomorrow, I'm not called until 6:30. But I have no ride home I'm stuck there. Mommy said she might leave work to take me home and then go back.

I don't think I mentioned that Daddy is out of town for a little over a week. Eeep. Me and Mom. Alone in a house. I think I might have to hurt myself if it weren't tech week and I weren't at school until 9. And Saturday I'm called from 10 - 6:30, and Monday (no school) from times that are TBA...possibly 10 - 5. Eww. When do I get a break?

So I'm tired. And have a lot of homework. And have gotten nothing done. And I want to go to bed. Arg...

1. Have you ever traveled outside your own country? If so, where have you gone?


2. What are some of your favorite cities in your own country?

Chicago, Los Angeles, Cincinnati (small, but cute)

3. Where would you not want to go again?

I could live without Iron Mountain, MI.

4. Where have you been that you would love to visit again?


5. If you were given three weeks off work and an all-expenses paid trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Oh god...I would travel Europe. England, France, Italy, Germany, Greece.

6. Where is the most romantic place you've ever been?

Tiffany's on Rodeo Drive. :o)

7. What is your favorite travel memory?

Being stuck in a car during a tornado on the way up to Wisconsin to visit my Grandma. Well...not favorite, but it's stuck with me. I was about 7 at the time.

8. If a friend came to visit you in your home town, where would you take them?

(I'm using Chicago...because there's nothing in Deerfield besides Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods and a Starbucks.)
Navy Pier for the atmosphere, shopping and IMAX.
Michigan Avenue for the shopping.
Giordano's for great pizza.
House of Blues for rock show.
Lincoln Park Zoo because it's free.
Art Institute of Chicago because it kicks serious ass.
Maybe the Field Museum or Museum of Science and Industry because they are cool and Tuesdays are free museum days.
It's fun to just walk around downtown. It's so beautiful and fun and busy...that's what we'd do. Just walk and enjoy.

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