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In lighter news...

I didn't have tech today after all. Yay.

And I found the back to my earring that I lost THREE WEEKS AGO. Damn, I'm lucky.

I'm still tired. Exhausted really. And I got about 9 and a half hours of sleep. I should find a way to fix that.

I've been getting college crap like none other recently. It started with maybe two piece...every other day. Yesterday and today combined? 17. Eeep. I'm so behind in all this "college planning" crap. I haven't taken the ACT yet. (YIKES!!) Nor have I even stepped foot in the CCRC (College and Career Resource Center). I have no idea where I want to go...or what is even a possibility. *sighs* So much for "lighter news".

I need to go do homework stuff.

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