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Food, food, it's a *mumbles something*...Alright, so I was never IN Oliver....

I'm dedicating this entry to Betsy.

Why, you may ask? Because it's about weird foods, and I know we've talked about weird foods that people eat.

First, my dinner. A cold meatloaf sandwich. Yup, leftover meatloaf, not reheated, and put on bread with ketchup. It's so good.

Second, one of the best things EVER! Can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner....drum roll please? Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches!! Now, I've heard of peanut butter with bananas, or *shiver* peanut butter and fluff...but nothing beats the bacon. The warm breakfast meat makes the peanut butter all warm and gooey and it's just a really good combination.

Eh, we all eat weird stuff...I blame it on parents.

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