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This is my 14th entry in 2 days. And I was impressed when I'd write three times in one day. Ah, yes, reminiscing to the beginning of my Live Journal days back in June. How time flies. *sniff*

Anywho, I have no real reason to write, except 14 entries is damn amazing. Makes me happy actually. I've also started to write less in each entry. I think some people might be happy about that. Yes, I tend to ramble...a lot.

AIM is stupid. It just kicked me off...again. Oh well, I was going to sign off soon anyway. I'm going shopping tonight at Best Buy. *cheers* I love Best Buy because it lets me buy lots of dvds and even more cds. Yummy. I knew there was a reason I bought that 208-disc CD binder. I'm going to need it. CDs I want to get:
*Five For Fighting
*Dexter Freebish
*Blue Sky Roadster (but it's only available from
*Toad Wet Sprocket
*Evan and Jaron
*Melissa Etheridge
*Samantha Mumba
*Jo Dee Messina
*Stand? *Weezer?

I will be buying at least 6. DVDs, I'll just browse, and pick up a couple. A couple, or maybe a few. A few, or several. Probably several. Because I was unable to get to the bank today (Zoe fell asleep and we didn't want to wake her up), Chris will be floating me a loan, which I will absolutely pay by Saturday, or she has permission to not let me go to NSYNC next week. Harsh, I know, but I will pay her back.

Hmmm, nothing else to write. I have an hour before I have to get Zoe up and ready and myself ready to meet Chris at Best Buy. So much merchandise, so much trouble....

If I don't get a chance to update tonight or tomorrow before three, you probably won't hear from me until Saturday. *gasp* I don't know if you can live without my quarky little comments, and randomness that somehow became entertaining. Anyway, I'll will be around, talk to you all soon!

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