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I don't remember the bitchy pony...

If I had to rate today like the horoscopes do, I'd say today was a 5. Not completely bad, and a couple of good, I suppose.

I got quite a bit of sleep last night, having gone to bed at 10:30. But I tossed and turned and was unrested. *growls* As such, this morning when I tried to study for my History test, I failed miserably and gave up after 20 minutes to join JC, Carly and Zander (random) at a table.

As it turns out, I studied 20 minutes too long. It was the fucking easiest test in the world. Sure, there were a couple things I didn't know, but for the most part, it was a breeze. If you attempt the homework (even BSing it) and pay attention in class, there is no reason to study.

Didn't get burned in French for not doing the homework. Nor did he check in Calculus...however he did check to see if we had gotten the AP Review book. Whoops. Tomorrow Mr. Gasper, I swear!

But yes, that was my day. Still sleepy, but not a whole lot of homework, and I don't have to stay at school till 9 until Wednesday. Yay!

Oh, and the weather? What the fuck? It's 30 degrees today. That's 20 degrees lower than yesterday!! Chicago weather sucks. *fumes*

Also, Pink is amazing. "My Vietnam" and "Misery" are both really good song. J'aime bien.

One more thing (this is the end, I promise)...if you buy Neapolitan ice cream, fucking eat all of it. Don't just take the strawberry and vanilla, take the Chocolate too. If you don't like chocolate, don't fucking buy the Neapolitan ice cream, just get strawberry or just get vanilla. < /rant >

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