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Why bother being ashamed of who you are?

Subject has nothing to do with anything. Just a thought.

I don't know if I mentioned it...but I was going to dinner tonight with Mr. Lynn and his wife. He was my English teacher last year, who I absolutely adored. I went to his wedding too. So during School Chest (our mega-school fundraiser for a chosen charity...this year we raised over $60,000 in our school of 1400 kids), they had Teacher Auctions. The teachers put something up, and Mr. Lynn's was dinner with his wife at their house. It was a flat rate where anyone who paid $20 got to go. So it was me and seven other students. It was wonderful. His wife, Jenn, makes fabulous lasagna. Like, better than I've had in most restaurants. And it was just a lot of fun. After dinner, a lot of people left (it had already been over two hours), but Steph, I, and another girl Sarah stayed. For a couple hours, it was just the five of us talking and was so much fun. Random conversations and was fantastic. I absolutely adore his wife. She's the sweetest women, and so funny. Very intelligent too. I like to think of teachers as humans just like the rest of us, and think that more should make an effort to act as such. Connect with their classes and so on. Mr. Lynn did it a lot, and my current English teacher does it too. I think that's one of the reasons I want to be an English teacher is because I've had such great models that engaged me thoroughly. I don't know any of my other teachers half as well.

But yes. It was a good night. And I still haven't started any homework. *sighs* I'll study US History, then I'm going to bed.

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