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I think I've lost it...

Scratch that, I'm fairly certain I've lost it. Here's the conversation I just had with my sister (well, mostly with my fingers):
Me: did you see my most recent entry?
Me: i declared my undying love for bbmak
Cici: undying love of Mark... and BBMak, yes
Me: hee hee, who doesn't love mark?
Cici: I'm sure there's an ex-girlfriend out there somewhere
Me: bah, i'm sure they are even on good's mark
Cici: In a couple years he is going to be filthy rich and she'll change her mind
Me: they are the best, i heart bbmak
Me: ahh! i swore to myself i would never use the phrase "i heart" just annoys me
Cici: i like it... it's fun
Me: ah, i need soap for my fingers, how could you type that? vileties!!
Me: stupid fingers
Me: i apologize for yelling at my fingers, i think i need help

Yes, I was yelling at my fingers. Why? I don't know...but I still love Mark Barry and BBMak.

"When the last king of Hollywood, shatters his glass on the floor, then orders another, well I wonder what he did that for. That's when I know, that I have to get out, cus I have been there before, so I give up my seat at the bar and I head for the door." - Mrs. Potter's Lullaby; This Desert Life

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