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Does avoiding school dances include avoiding school?

So I meet Lindsay at Panera at 7:30. It's empty. That NEVER happens. We both laugh because all of their customers (high school students) are all getting ready for the dance.

We pick up food, and decide to go to school to bring Bridgette and Eric (who are there working on the musical -- hanging drops mostly) cookies that we got them. We hang out, and as people start coming to the dance (which started at 8), they stop in.

During the dance some people wandered in (mostly JC because he hates dances) but for the most part it was just me, Linz, Bridgette and Eric. There was lots of laughing. And all of a sudden *poof* it's after 1. Okay, so not really poof, but the time from 8 until 11 flew away quickly.

So I never made it back to Linz's house, but still got to hang out with her all night. And I haven't seen Bridgette in a while. And I feel like I never see Eric because I haven't been to crew in what feels like forever. I've been at rehearsals for all three shows. Fall Play I was assistant director and stage manager. STUNTS I was stage manager (and I also had a part in a scene). And now for Sound of Music, I'm in the cast. It's been a crazy year. This is my 11th show, first time in the cast. Crazy year.

But it was really fun. And I was considering joining up with my group of friends who are at Lizzy's right now. But I'm tired. And feel like I'm intruding if I just come to hang out but didn't go to dinner or the dance with them. I'm sure I'll see pictures and hear stories on Monday.

But yes. I spent way too much time at school for it being a Saturday. *thinks* 8-1, then 7:45-1:15...10 and a half hours. Wow. Gaily needs sleep.

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