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It said "Hello Love, I love you so, Love. Meet me at midnight"

No, it wasn't my writing. I better go soon, it wasn't my writing.

Anywho...I took a nap today. 3 and a half hours. Me, queen of one hour naps. I was zonked. Totally and completely. I feel so much better now though.

I'm meeting Lindsay (and maybe Bridgette) at Panera, then going to Lindsay's to watch movies provided by me. List of what I'm bringing:
-That Thing You Do
-Dirty Dancing
-Almost Famous (Director's Cut)
-Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
-Empire Records
-Truth About Cats and Dogs

Classic example of Gail being an "over-packer". We will probably watch one, maybe two...but I'm bringing six. So necessary.

I wonder if the rest of my friends are at the dance yet. Hmmm.... What makes me laugh is that three people have already told me that they would rather be hanging out with Linz and I, instead of going to Turnabout and whatever activity the girls planned for later. *laughs* Yay for being envied.

Okay, I have to go get ready...I'm still fresh from the shower. No makeup or hair done. Better get cracking.

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