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Un ami de moi, JC, m'a demande "Tu n'es jamais en AIM". J'ai dit "Je sais, je suis horrible!" Et donc, j'ai pris un nouvelle screen-nom et maintainant, je suis sur l'internet!

I know...French. What the hell? I don't know. And I made so many mistakes it's not even funny...basically, JC was bugging me that I never go online. Half because I'm busy. Half because I hated my old screenname (for reasons that aren't necessary to divulge right now) so *BAM* I got a new one. Now maybe I'll actually use it.

(And to whoever in the world is also "gailmarie" are getting your ass kicked. Steals all of my names. I must add numbers or this case "honey". Gailmarie is a bitch.) - Don't ask...I'm high on life *nods*

(And if you are really that interested, yet too lazy to check my profile, the name is honeygailmarie)

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