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So I'm sitting here...(sittin' here)

"Gone" dance break, everybody. *does a little groove thing*


I'm sitting here, thinking to myself, damn I wish I would get some mail. An LJ comment, or something. Then *poof* Mail! Not an LJ comment, but better. Allie (best friend) emailed me back.

I sent her an email about 2 and a half weeks ago, to which she replied. Then I sent another one, implying that she never checks her mail, but that we should email more often (not like I don't see her everyday...but you know?) So she wrote back saying that she resented the implication that she never checks her mail and that it only took her two days. *laughs*

Last time, I had written a bunch of college stuff, and she replied.

And I realize that you really don't care, so I'm going to go back to Hunchback of Notre Dame (en francais, bien sur).

But I got an email *smiles*

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