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California dreamin' on such a winter's day...

I got my LA pictures back!!! WOO!!! 124, but that's not including half the roll that's in my camera currently. Yay!!

It's so fun to look back through them and remember it all. Granted, this was less that a week ago (as a matter of fact, one week ago exactly, I was at the hotel, sitting in our tent for dinner, after having showered and gotten ready for the Roxy which we would leave for in about 45 minutes. *sighs* I want to be back!!!

I'm going to need a bunch of scrapbook pages. I'm thinking of doing them all. Yikes. That's a lot of time and energy, but I don't think just picking a couple and making 4 pages would be enough. I want everything with captions, or...I don't know. Just decorated and pretty and better that if they are just shoved in the sleeves of a photo album. Although I got doubles, so maybe I'll put half in the stinky photo album, and the other half (minus ones that other people steal) will be scrapbooked. Or I could be selfish and keep them all for myself and have it half and half. [NOTE: Yes, scrapbook is a verb, and therefore, I have scrapbooked is a valid statement. Y? Because I said so (and because I like you) *smiles*]

*sighs* So much trouble. *smiles* But I'm excited.

Also, despite the picture interference and my trying to slack off, I still have accomplished finishing half of my homework. Damn my work ethic!

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