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English yadda yadda yadda...

There is nothing greater than writing something and thinking "Yeah. Exactly." I guess that's why English is my forte.

I was going to cut away...but it's not that long. You can suffer *smile*

(Another response to "American Things" by Tony Kushner)
Prompt: In what way does this essay say something about America's character and/or values? Use at least one direct quote from the essay to help you explain your answer here.

I feel that a quote that really says something about American values and character is: "American history is the source for some people of a belief in the inevitable triumph of justice; for others it is the source of a sense of absolute power and ownership which obviates the need to be concerned about justice; while for still others American history is a source of despair that anything like justice will ever come." I honestly believe that this embodies "America". It reminds me a lot of a question posed in US History: "What is an American?" What color skin does an American have? What language does an American speak? What religious beliefs does an American hold...if any? Where was this American born? And his parents? Grandparents? Great-grandparents? It's impossible to pick one answer to any of these questions and expect it to determine an "American". Thought perhaps not as sing-songy and wonderful as Schoolhouse Rock makes it out to be, we are truly a melting pot of cultures and ideas. In our society, it is assumed and almost expected that everyone will have different beliefs and views. As the quote illustrates, we are all different and so are our ideas of "America", but one this is for sure...we are all Americans.

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