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She says "I know it's only in my head"...

I love Counting Crows. I think I could listen to "Round Here" everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

In other news, today was FUCKED UP. I had a horrible time getting out of bed this morning (I know, I know...when don't I?) but I was unusually cheerful. I was very smiley and bouncy and happy.

Then 5th period hit. It's chorus. I love chorus, but all of a sudden I got REALLY tired, and actually fell asleep. If you think you can't fall asleep while singing, you are mistaken. I was just so out of it.

And then I just felt like shit after class, and went to Theatre. Obviously I must have looked pretty bad because Zach (touchy-feely gay boy who sits next to me) asked what was wrong, and Carl (teacher) even asked if everything was alright...twice. Then I got a dean's slip. Great. My first trip to the dean's office. It was nothing though, I had an unauthorized absence in gym...but it was the day we registered for classes, so I just have to talk to the teacher and get it cleared up.

French wasn't much better, and then I took a test in Calculus. It could have been worse, but I was so far beyond concentration, that I don't think I did well at all. 9th I had free, but I didn't want to go to the library, because I wouldn't get any work done because I'd be sitting and talking to Nikki. So I decided to go to the Multi-variable Calculus class. It's taught by my Calc teacher, and only has 3 people in it on Tuesdays and Thursdays (it's a REALLY fucked up schedule), and a good friend of mine, JC is in the class. So I sat and half-watched, half-did my Calculus homework. It's really amazing how intelligent they are. Granted, they are (supposedly) at the same level I am, but I could never think like they do. My brain wasn't made for advanced math, and yet I'm in it anyway. Geometry in eighth grade totally screwed me over.

Then I had rehearsal, and for whatever reason, I felt better after Multi-variable. I'm still pretty eh, but whatever. I'm picking up my LA pictures from Walgreens tonight!! if I can get money from my parents because I'm *cough* broke

I'm hungry, I'm going to see what's for dinner.

(EDIT: Show opens in two weeks...tech starts next week. I don't want to be at school until 9 *whines*
I also don't want to do homework...like at all.
And I want to be back in LA. Hmm...how many times have I said that? It's 28 fucking degrees and snowing. I hate snow.
Okay, Now I'm done.)

I like Sleeping Beauty, but Cinderella is my favorite.

# 1 Pumba
# 2 Timon
# 3 Young Simba
# 4 Nala
# 5 Older Simba
# 6 Rafiki
# 7 Zazu
# 8 Mufasa
# 9 Scar
That is just about as backwards as you can be. I'm fun, but not that fun. I'd have to say Nala was the closest one to being me:

Which Lion King Character Are You?

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