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Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy....

*stretch* I'm awake. And bouncy. Whee!

I want to see Crossroads today REALLY badly, but Allie said she has "homework to do". Bah. Actually, I have a crap load I should be doing too...but I REALLY don't want to.

OOOO! I should drop off my film!!! But no where in Deerfield, because it would be busy. 225 kids just came back from a 4 day trip to LA. I pity Walgreens.

Grrrr...just got an email from my mother. Actually a forwarded message from my cousin Annette (the one we visit in Florida): I'm sure Gail's trip is/was great. I hope she took lots of pictures. Maybe she should get Fayanne to organize them for her..she's so good at those things.

Have you not seen my scrapbook???? I'm amazing. I might not have the same amount of time that Fayanne has to spend on things like that, because I'm at school for 10 and a half hours. Then I come home to 7 hours of homework...leaving me about 6 hours to sleep. I guess I could not sleep and have more time for organizing photos. How's that???

Evil. All of them.

I'm hungry. So I'm going to make an early lunch. *sighs* It's 9am in LA.

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