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Countdown to LA: 11 hours, 41 minutes.

Oh come on. You saw that one coming. I've had countdowns in almost every journal for the past...what? Week? I'm excited, bite me.

Went to Target for some last minute things. Daddy took me so that he could pay. Yay!

I plan to pack...sometime...maybe soon?

I'm the bestest friend in the whole world! Okay, so probably not, but I'm being nice and picking up three of my friends at school at 5:30. They have practice and were going to be taking the 6:30 bus home. Taking pity, and realizing that I don't have to be doing homework or anything, I offered to pick them up. I deserve a cookie for that. No really. Like, I'm eating Oreos right now.

Daddy just laughed at me for packing 4 pairs of shoes. And yes, they are ALL necessary.

Ug. What's the weather like in LA right now? 70's? Oh god, I hope so.

Okay, so I either need to attempt homework. Or packing. Or maybe slacking for another hour. *shrugs*

Countdown to LA: 11 hours, 34 minutes.

(Oh, and a couple other things. I'm going to back my carry-on. Whee!! and also, I might be taking a roadtrip to University of Michigan over spring break with Charlie, Nikki and visit or visiting Lindsay? It's your call....)

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