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I can almost taste California!

So close. One day of school left. Just one more day....

Rehearsal today was fabulous. I got to be an assistant director again!! I adored ADing for the Fall Play (and The Heidi Chronicles is absolutely an amazing play), and today, 3 of the 4 ADs did not show up. And since Carl loves me, I got to take the notes and stuff. Whee!

The show is looking really good. The Sound of Music, thought highly commercialized, is really very brilliant and amazingly written. I am having such a great time with this show. All year has been amazing. I love theatre!! Woo!

Also! Tomorrow night, I'm going to Allie's, because we have to be at school at 4AM Thursday, so we figured...why even bother to sleep and just stay up all night? So she was talking to me, and apparently Evan and Jaron are going to be at The Hard Rock Cafe downtown tomorrow, and her teenie-sister-Lauren really wants to go. Allie and I went with a couple of our other friends to see them in concert last May at House of Blues...basically because the tickets were cheap, and Michelle wanted someone to go with her. We has so much fun...and Evan is we figured that it would be a good kick off to LA.

Also, her older rockstar-sister-Kristen goes to USC, and is going to come to our performances and hang out with us whenever she can while we are there (Seeing the USC choir with us, going to The Roxy, and probably coming to Disneyland too). Al and I have been best friends since 2nd grade, and her family is my family...I am usually included in trips downtown and the likes of I'm so excited. I adore her family!

I'm planning to start packing tonight. Plan some of my outfits, then bring just about everything I own, because you never really know about weather, or my mood. I'm thinking I will end up bringing about 3 skirts, 4 pairs of pants, 2 sweaters, a half a dozen tee-shirts, 3 pairs of shoes, and god only knows what else. Yes, I do know that I will only be there for 4 days. Shut it, alright?

Okay, I need dinner and to start some homework.

Oh, and funny story. Resident gay boy, Zack, who sits next to me in theatre, is VERY touchy feely, and wants to be the next Rosie, decided today that he and I are married. He now calls me "wife". He's so cute.

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