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"Feck you!" "I think she said 'feck'" "Heh. What's the difference?" "The letter U"

This is going to be one of those posts. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Mood Swings. *sighs*

First off...when did I become such a slacker? Where in my academic career did doing homework go from being the top of the list to the bottom? When did I decide that I was special enough to not have to do it? When did the Thursday Theory* become a good idea?

And for that matter, when did taking naps go from being bad to being sooooo good? When did school go from being fun and exciting to being a chore? When did life go from "anything can happen" to "I'm stuck where I am"?

I actually tried to do my English homework tonight...because I like English. But then I fell asleep without getting past the second page. I guess I got my nap in today. *sighs*

Back to the "I'm a slacker...I suck" thing. For LA, I'm missing Thursday and Friday of school. Have I told my teachers? Nope. Have I asked for the work that I will be missing? No. Do I plan on it? Maybe...if I get around to it. I'm I using it as an excuse to not do homework now? Yes.

Will I end up staying awake until 2AM or later doing my homework anyway, because I feel guilty? Yes. Until I fall asleep doing it, which is possible because I'm tired. But I will make a conscious effort.

Feh. I'm such a contradiction right now. I want to do my homework, but at the same time, I'd rather throw myself down the stairs onto the hard concrete basement floor. Nice mental picture, eh?

Bleh. I need to improve my mood. Can't go to bed all fucked up, because then I won't sleep well, and that will be anti-helpful.

Okay, so I'm going to do some homework, and then try to cheer up. Wish me luck.

*The Thursday Theory: When one does not do homework on a Tuesday that is due for class on Wednesday, the teacher expects said person to make up the homework and turn it in on Thursday...thus giving said person twice as much homework on Wednesday night. However, when one doesn't do homework on a Thursday night, it will not have to be turned in or made-up until Monday, giving you the entire weekend to finish. (Then again, when is the last time I've spent significant weekend time doing homework?)

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