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Sometimes...I even impress myself

I have been in the BEST mood all day. It's really weird, but it all started at 7:10 this morning, when I stumbled out of bed. Yes, it only took mommy 10 minutes of yelling rather than twenty. Peculiar because I didn't get much sleep. Hmmm�

My lovely day continued when I went to the library at 7:40 in the morning, and devoted the next hour and 20 minutes before class, to doing the homework that I skipped last night. The Jungle...though I didn't read it, I did the assignment, and I finished my Calculus. I even had 10 minutes left in which time I was going to updated my journal, but LJ is a whore, as we all know. (It�s amazing I was even able to get this to post...though it�s an hour and a half after I wrote it.)

English was fun, just because I love it so damn much. I have to read more essays for homework, but those aren't too bad. I wouldn't go straight to enjoyable, but I don't mind them. Then History, which I'm beginning to hate more each day and figured I'd get burned for not doing the reading...HA! We had a guest speaker the entire time. Whee for blow off classes.

It was decided in Team Sports that I am the "Ultimate Team Handball Chick". There was also a fun little hand movement and leg pop to go with the title, but I don't feel like disclosing that information now.

In Chorus, we sang though our set for LA. I can not even BEGIN to say how excited I am. I'm seriously considering starting to pack now. I mean, I only have two days. TWO DAYS!!! I am currently doing a load of laundry to wash some jeans I might want to take on the trip. I'm going insane I am so excited. Whee!!!

We finished watching Remains of the Day in Theater. Fantastic film. Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson are incredible, and the direction was great. We were watching to see "subtext" term. It is like when a person feels one way (like sad) but want to show a different feeling (like happy) and ends up with a mixture of the two (perhaps snippy or blah). In other words, it's the deeper meaning behind words and actions. Very cool, and the movie was just an amazing example of it.

French and Calculus were both blah, but we didn't do much in either...and I was hyper beyond belief. I got my French homework done during 9th free, and don't have a whole lot, so I'm thinking a congratulatory nap is in order for my good work and fantabulous day. *nods* Shut up! I deserve it!

Okay...this is me going now. End of a day in the life of me.

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