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Random stuff...mostly a rant on money though

I don't know if I already mentioned this, but the CD I made of my sister's computer programs doesn't work. I can open it, and I transfered all the folders to the hard drive, but in every application I try to open, there is some "file missing", or I don't have "access to that program". It sucks, cus I really want to stop using Paint to resize pics into icons, because it makes them look like crap. I also gacked her good media player, a movie maker, and a better version of CD Creator. Which reminds me, I need to buy more CD-Rs. I have a grand total of 5 left. Arg. Add that to the list.

I was considering going out and buying a pretty sundress or something nice to wear to the Bridal Shower. Mom said that we bridesmaids should dress a like. Our idea is to just dress a little nicer than other people. However, I have $4 and I can't to go the bank to cash a check, or even withdraw money from my account without a parent. One parent is in California, the other at work until ??? As I mentioned once before, his hours are ever changing. This would be so much easier if I had a checking account with an ATM card. But for that I need a co-sign because I'm not 18. Damn them all! Damn the man, save the Empire!

Technically in my possession I have $104. However, fifty of them is from Caitlin last night to pay back mommy for the concert tickets. (OMG, concert it tomorrow night. Am I excited? Um, HELL YES!!!) And, when she was giving me the money, I totally remembered that when Allie and I went out to breakfast last week, she paid me for hers, but because I was broke, gacked the money, and told myself to pay mommy back when I got my next paycheck. Needlesstosay, I have my mother's mind, which is *poof-gone*. However, now that I remember, I feel like I must use some of my money towards it (and if you want to get even more technical, it's not my money, it's my sister's money, but we won't get into that.) What's making me hesitate is that mommy's not coming home until Saturday night, so I might have time to go to the bank and pay her back before then. And, if I do put the money on the fridge now, with Amanda's check that she dropped off for the concerts, I am left with a grand total of $4 to my name (and a savings account to which I don't have access). This bothers me so much. I'm so bad at moral judgments. Damn it, the money's going on the fridge and I'm broke again. All I need to do is get to the back! *pleads*

I hate money. All it does is complicate things. If I have a piece of paper that says I have a balance of $xxxx.xx, I want to be able to get it. I think that's more a problem with the bank though. Maybe I'll go in there today. [Sh-yah right, I will avoid it like the plague, just like calling Jordan. Caitlin is calling him today. I love Caitlin because she does stuff for me that she knows I hate, and I try to return the favor as best I can.]

Realized there was no music playing, and when I'm around...there must be music. My playlist will be below if you feel like seeing the music I listen to. I love music. It's the best. It can tell stories, make you cry, make you smile, calm you down, wryle you up. For whatever reason, 3 Doors Down is an automatic sedative for me. If I'm really stressed, or flipping out over something, I play Kryptonite (which is not a calming song, but almost instantly, stress disappears. *Poof-gone* It's one of those weird things about me, like the car keys thing.

Just made my new icon that I am/will be using for this entry. It's my Robbie. Hee hee. I really wish I had a better program than Paint. I had to use Microsoft Word to put the text on it. It's a pain in the ass, and doesn't look half as good as other people's icons. Mmmmm...PhotoShop... *sigh* Eventually...eventually.

I'm kinda getting bored of writing in my journal. Perhaps I will shower, make lunch, then come back and play some more.

:::My Music Playlist:::
*Be Like That - 3 Doors Down
*Tired (studio version) - Matchbox 20 (*squee* tomorrow night!! Me and Robbie, we gonna hook up.)
*When I Fall - Barenaked Ladies (3 weeks from tomorrow night I will see them in concert, same place Robbie played. Rob Thomas is the coolest.)
*Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
*Every Morning - Sugar Ray
*You & You & I - Matchbox Twenty
*Lost, Strain, & Butterflies - Tabitha's Secret [Yes, they are on random, I don't know why they keep playing my Robbie, but I don't mind either. Never heard these songs before? They are unreleased or from his previous band Tabitha's them.]
*Drive Myself Crazy - NSYNC :o)
*You Take Away - Staind
*Life of My Own - 3 Doors Down

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