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Life on the LJ front

So, stuff around here has been kind of dull. Very few of the NPostors posting. JC just did and I left a lame-assed comment, but I felt I had to because it had been so long since anything good had come around. I miss all the craze and the rumors, and the fun and the laughter. *sigh* It means I have to live my own life, instead of pretending to live a superstar one. That's never cool.

This evening, I went to dinner with family and my sisters and I picked up our bridesmaid shoes and gifts for the shower on Sunday. Let me tell you, my weekend is going to be action packed, and I love it!!! After dinner and shopping, I went to Elliott's. He, Lewis, Candace and Caitlin were watching Go, so I saw the last half of it. Then we watched Dazed and Confused. Great movie, very funny, and it had Lukas from Empire Records in it. I love Lukas (but I like him more as resident record store philosophe, than pothead). After, Elliott, Lewis and I played Super Smash until one, when we went home.

My upcoming weekend: Friday is the Matchbox Twenty concert. Excited?? Just a little. It's going to be totally awesome. At 3pm, Amanda, Candace, Caitlin, Nikki and I are going to one of the best bands in the world (and they are sooooo awesome live!). It's going to be incredible. Saturday. Sometime during the day, I'm helping to set up for the bridal shower (wrap the little gifts, roll a fork and knife into a napkin and tie it with curling ribbon, and whatever else needs to be done. Then, at 6:30pm, I'm going over to Lindsay's for a sleepover. We decided that we need a girls night with no boys, so we are having a party. Sunday I must be up by 11 in order to get dressed and ready to be at the church by noon to decorate and set up for the bridal shower, which I think starts at 2. God only knows how long that will last.

It's really late right now, well not really late, just too late for me, and I need sleep. The fact that I have so many grammatical errors in this entry really irritates me, but I don't write very well, or correctly for that matter, when I am tired. I shall add more soon, don't worry.

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