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It took me five minutes of sitting at the computer before I realized that I still had my coat on. where do my priorities lie?

Anywho...just got back from Ci's apartment. I have some pretty new icons...but I don't know which I'm going to use yet. I will probably have some GIPs coming up. Prepare yourself...

*sighs* I'm really tired. I tried to nap earlier, but I couldn't fall asleep. I laid there, staring at a little green blinking christmas light in the corner. *looks over shoulder and points* That one, right there.

I don't want to do homework. The Jungle? Oh yes. Let me read a book about Lithuanian immigrants working in the Chicago stockyards during the Industrial Revolution. This subject f a s c i n a t e s me to no end. *SARCASM*

Evil Mr. Huff. I want Heerman back. *sniffs* And we no longer get donuts on Fridays. Grrrrr....

I don't want to do homework. Oh, I said that already. I'M LOSING MY MIND!! *sighs*

I'm going to bed at midnight with or without homework done. *nods*

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