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Two Computers...

...comes in very handy...

I'm currently downloading songs on to the other one that I can make onto a CD for my sister. That means that it's tying up that one...and not bogging down mine. Yay.

Today...was Friday. And that is good. Rehearsal was a run-through. The entire show only took a little over 2 hours, and that was very roughly done. We will probably have a show time of 2 hours. Not bad, considering the Sound of Music is usually around 3.

I plan on watching either That Thing You Do! or Thelma and Louise tonight. Most of my friends are at Candace's planning Turnabout. Ew. I hate school dances with a passion. I will probably spend the evening with Lindsay, because she's coming home from Michigan for that weekend. Yay.

AND! I was supposed to have rehearsal tomorrow from 10 to 1, but I only have to be there from 10 to 11:30. Life is sweet.

Hmmm...want new icons. I must be creative. What do I want? Puppies? Something else? Hmmm...

(In other news: I have 725 mp3s.)

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