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*raises hand* I'll take some more spam please.

Can I update more tonight? *laughs* Whoops.

Went to Barnes & Noble. If I had more money, I would have gone crazy, but I got out with only 3 books. (It also helped that I remember I had 3 books at home I was still meaning to read).

Bought The Jungle. Yay for meat packing companies in Chicago during the industrial revolution? Yeah, not so much.

Also got A Walk to Remember and The Heidi Chronicals.

Still meaning to read: Devine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood (I'm actually half-way though this...and have been since *cough*freshmanyear*cough* But it's fabulous), Women Hollering Creek (By Sandra Cisnaros who wrote The House on Mango Street which I ADORE and HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone), and Girl, Interupted. I've read that one once, but loved it.

And I made myself some chicken rice for dinner. So me, my rice, and The Jungle are going to have a little pow-wow before Will and Grace comes on. Exciting night, n'est pas? It's the little things in life...really, it is.

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