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Well, as slippery as your mind is, you should have been first in line

I love The Lion King.

Anywho...there were some things I forgot. And why edit old posts when you can just make new ones?

First, my car had to be taken into the repair shop by tow truck last night. TOW TRUCK. My poor Baby, had to be hauled onto a truck with cables and stuff. *sniffs* It was really sad.

Two, JC is the skinniest, most lanky kitten ever. And we thought Tigger had long legs, JC is HUGE! and I'm pretty sure I could still fit his entire head in my mouth if I tried.

Last night, I went to Best Buy with Ci and bought John Mayer's CD. WOO! and...That Thing You Do on DVD. SOOOOO necessary. It's the greatest ever. *nods* It was a good shopping night.

Okay, out to battle with the crowds at the mall on a Thursday night. Later folks. Oooo...must be home for Will and Grace. It's supposed to be good. Ben and Matt, n'est pas? I was soooo in the mood for a good Matt Damon movie last night. And Ben is my lover. *nods* Hey, don't laugh. He might be...

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