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As much as I hate to admit it...

I'm one of those people who are happier when they are busy. I hate sitting and doing nothing. I hate feeling like I'm wasting my time. When I mill about online, I do not feel this way, but sitting in some of my classes, or a free period when I have no work kills me.

So two free periods in a day? Eep. I hope to have more to do soon. Not that I want more homework or anything...but something to do would be nice.

Countdown to LA: 7 days, 10 hours, 29 minutes.

WOO! I'm excited. Singing at Disneyland, USC, and some high school. Visiting UCLA, and seeing Lion King. And it's in a little over a week. *sighs* I need a vacation.

I'm being really weird, so I'm going to go.

Oh, and one last note. My car is going to the shop tonight. *sniffs* I'll miss my Baby, but hopefully she'll be fine.

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