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Welcome to Wednesday Morning

The bell for first period just rang...and I have nothing to do. Yay.

Actually, I've had nothing to do for the past 45 minutes because mommy has to drop me off at school at 7:30 so that she can get to work. Oh joy of joys, I have nothing to do for an hour and a half.

This is actually my first post from school. Oooooo. And in all honesty, I don't think I'm supposed to be here. "Our library computers are for research and study. No email (except class assignments). No games (including Fantasy Sports). No Instant Messenger or Chat. Visit appropriate sites." That is posted above the screen. And of course I am using this for research and study. I did not get a chance to research my friend's page yet this morning.

*sighs* So I have nothing to do. I'm too paranoid to not do my homework from last night and assume that it will get done today, so I actually did all of my calculus. I know, crazy, n'est pas? But hey. I'm not complaining too much, because I could be in physics right now. Ahahahahaha!

One more interesting observation before I go: My bedtime is 2AM. Everyone has that "bedtime" that either they set for themselves, or their body sets by getting very sleepy. Mine is 2AM. I can't usually go to sleep before then, and once I hit 2, I am dead to the world. This means, however, that on average I get 5 hours of sleep a night. Hmm...I wish school started later.

Anyways, enough slacking off...perhaps I will mill around and doodle for the next half an hour.

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