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One more thing....-or- Lunch Table Conversations


Allie: So guess who's going to the NSYNC concert?
Me: Me?
Allie: What day?
Me: The 4th, why???
Allie: I'm going with Lauren [little sister - total teenie]
Allie: She came in to my room and said "You like Smashmouth, right?"
Allie: And I was like, "Why?". She said that she wanted me to go to a concert with her.
Me: Ahahahaha!
Allie: I said: "You want to go see Smashmouth?" And she said "Well...they are an opening band"
Me: Ahahahahahaha!
Allie: Would you shut up? So Lauren asked if I would go to NSYNC with her. So I'm going on the fifth.
Me: You realize that I didn't really become a fan until after I saw them in concert, right?
Allie: I mean, I'm not a fan, but I don't dislike them. *shrugs*
Me: You realize that this is like Britney Spears, right? You are going to get sucked in. YOU WILL BECOME LIKE ME!
Allie: Okay, shut up. Britney is cool. *laughs*

*wipes tear from eye* I'm so proud. *sniff*

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