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Welcome to Deerfield.

I'm highly amused that today during rehearsal we had a discussion about nuns. What they do, why, rules, etc. Keep in mind that a LARGE majority of the people playing nuns are Jewish, as is Mother Abyss, all the lead sisters, and the actor playing the Minister (Priest?). *laughs* Not that I knew most of it (such a good little Christian I am *rolls eyes*. Hey, I'm not Catholic, we have no nuns), but I like that our school is basically split 50-50 between Christians and Jews. We might not have racial diversity, but I guess we have ethnic *shrugs*

Anywho. I'm sleepy. Really want bed, but decided to go to dinner with Mama, you know, to humor her. And now I have to start homework. Well...technically the only "real" class I have tomorrow is French. Sweet. I'll do my English tonight, then stop. *nods*

We have this speaker coming. "Shake N Bake". His real name is Mike something, but everyone knows him as Shake N Bake. He's supposed to be phenominal...and that means that I have Team Sports, Chorus (10 days until LA!!!!!), Theatre and French. Ha. It'll be a good day.

I'm unusually happy today. *sighs* It's nice.

Okay. Going to get going on that homework so that I can get to bed. I have to wake up at 9 tomorrow. Ouch. *laughs*

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