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I want new icons

*sigh* Never happy with what I have. Blah

So we have weird schedules tomorrow and Tuesday. Don't know why. All I know is that I don't have a first period class anymore, so I don't have to be to school until 11:40 tomorrow. SWEET! And Tuesday, I have to be there at 10. Ew, but it's better than 8.

Went to a "Superbowl" party at Rob's. Was one of three girls there. Don't I feel cool? I saw two of the songs during halftime and about 30 seconds of the game. Oops. I wasn't paying attention, and we were playing cards, and stuff.

And I hate using the phrase "and stuff". If I'm not going to explain, I should at least use "and things". Evil Gail.

Then Ci and I went to see A Walk To Remember. It was okay. I mean, it's obviously not going to get any Oscars, but I'm not too sad that I wasted my money on it. Because Shane's hot, and Mandy is adorable...although neither really did anything for me during it. Oh well.

My car is a fucking piece of shit.

After I filled up with gas this evening, it started running really weird. My guess, being a very minimally educated teenaged girl, thinks it's the transmission. And even though I'm young and know nothing about cars, I know that's expensive. Yikes. Please be something easy and cheap to fix, you hunk of junk. Yes, it's name might be Baby, but she is still a bitch sometimes. Arg. (And you better not be making fun of me for naming my car, alright? I pet her and kiss her too...it helps her run better *nods*)

I'm sleepy. So I'm going to hit the hay. Night night.

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