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Fuck it all.

Today I was busy. Not really bad, just busy.

Went to rehearsal from 1 until 4. My grandma's 80th birthday party started at 4...in Kenosha. Mom was pissed that I chose rehearsal over Grandma's party. Whatever, I only got there 30 minutes late.

Rehearsal was fine. I love it, so yay.

Grandma's party wasn't bad. I mean, I would rather have been at Mikey's Party, you know, hanging out with people my age, but I love my siblings and had fun with them all, plus the three spouses/significant others.

After, I went to Amanda's because she was having a party. Came in halfway through Dude, Where's My Car...that American classic. We ate pizza and hung out. It was fun, because my friends are all good kids, so we just have a good time doing nothing at all.

I left to come home at midnight, because I decided to be a nice little girl and observe curfew.

I get home and my room has been messed with. Grrrr...I'm a very possessive person. Like basically...DON'T FUCKING TOUCH MY STUFF!! I knew Brad would be trying to network the computers...or something. But papers of mine had been moved. My bed had been tossed about a bit. The computer was not logged into me, how I left it. And my fucking email isn't working. I don't know why, but Outlook keeps telling me that there is a problem. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY FUCKING COMPUTER???? AND FIX IT PLEASE...NOW!

ARG! And I guess I'm just in one of those moods because I'm crying over it. FUCK THEM ALL!

I'm going to bed now. *sniff*


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Feb. 2nd, 2002 11:37 pm (UTC)
I think you might need one of these...


lova ya. I know how it feels to have one's room messed with... if even one scrap of paper with insignificant numbers on it is touched it ruins everything.
Feb. 3rd, 2002 12:47 am (UTC)
Thank you so much. I -- as hard as it is to believe...heh -- tend to overreact.

But I was not in the right mood to come home and have my email not work, and my computer screwy, and my desk all...well, technically it's clean. But it's been cleaned by someone other than me. Arg. I'm still mad, and I still can't get into my email.
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