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Fuck it all.

Today I was busy. Not really bad, just busy.

Went to rehearsal from 1 until 4. My grandma's 80th birthday party started at Kenosha. Mom was pissed that I chose rehearsal over Grandma's party. Whatever, I only got there 30 minutes late.

Rehearsal was fine. I love it, so yay.

Grandma's party wasn't bad. I mean, I would rather have been at Mikey's Party, you know, hanging out with people my age, but I love my siblings and had fun with them all, plus the three spouses/significant others.

After, I went to Amanda's because she was having a party. Came in halfway through Dude, Where's My Car...that American classic. We ate pizza and hung out. It was fun, because my friends are all good kids, so we just have a good time doing nothing at all.

I left to come home at midnight, because I decided to be a nice little girl and observe curfew.

I get home and my room has been messed with. Grrrr...I'm a very possessive person. Like basically...DON'T FUCKING TOUCH MY STUFF!! I knew Brad would be trying to network the computers...or something. But papers of mine had been moved. My bed had been tossed about a bit. The computer was not logged into me, how I left it. And my fucking email isn't working. I don't know why, but Outlook keeps telling me that there is a problem. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY FUCKING COMPUTER???? AND FIX IT PLEASE...NOW!

ARG! And I guess I'm just in one of those moods because I'm crying over it. FUCK THEM ALL!

I'm going to bed now. *sniff*

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