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*sighs* I should really learn how to calm down.

Everything turned out fine.

Allie drove me to school after she got done taking the French final (so much love!). I got there at about 1:50, ten minutes before rehearsal, half hour before the make-up final.

Carl said that of course I could take the final, and that I should just leave when I needed to and come back when I was done. So I did. And I didn't even miss anything that I was in. Rehearsal went fine, and though we ended early around 5, I needed to go see our costumer about my costume. Which I now have one of. It's a fugly dress, but the shoes aren't too bad.

By the time I got done with that, it was 5:50. Perfect, because my dad was able to come right after grocery shopping to pick me up.

Apparently the problem with the car was the choke sticking. It's fixed. I asked if it would happen again. He said maybe, and that he would spray some stuff on it so that it wouldn't.

So I took the final.
I went to rehearsal.
And my car is fixed (with no help from those damn Puppies. They have no idea what they are doing! *laughs* As a side note, I love mercgirl57)

Yay. I overreact to stuff. I'm a moron. *sighs* I'll work on that.

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